ڪيئن هڪ پیشہ ور ڪاريگر چونڊي؟
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توھان جي اختيار لاءِ ڪيترائي ڪارخانا آھن، اھم نقطو ڇا آھي جنھن تي اسان کي ڌيان ڏيڻ گھرجي؟

1.The qualifications of the manufacturer. Outdoor amusement equipment should choose a manufacturer with formal registration and relevant product qualifications to ensure that the quality and after-sales are guaranteed. A manufacturer with a good reputation must have a certain degree of credibility in the market.


2.The scale.The scale of outdoor amusement equipment is a demonstration of the strength of a manufacturing company. The more complete the assembly line and manufacturing process, the better the standardization and safety of the amusement equipment produced.Only after a series of rigorous procedures and tests, customers can rest assured to use the amusement equipment in the amusement park, and players can enjoy the fun.


3.the designer. The design should be novel and trendy, full of patterns, bright and diversified colors. Bright colors and brilliant creativity are extremely attractive to children. Only an excellent design team can design children's amusement facilities that are interesting, fashionable and popular in the market. It also depends on whether the children's playground facilities designed and produced by its design and production closely follow the popular factors of the market and whether it is welcomed by the market.


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