Thank you again for choosing RISEN as your اندروني راند جو ميدان business partner. RISEN promise to take the high standard raw material, advanced processes and implement strict quality control system, to make sure each indoor playground project we produced is safe and attractive. Below are RISEN warranty service.

1.Warranty Contents:

Indoor Play Structure

* 3 Years on components made by LLDPE (Plastic) and fiber glass against deterioration making it unfit for play,such as: tunnel, swing seat, seesaw, slides, panel, plastic house, themed roof etc.,

* 3 Years on components made by metal against structural failure, such as galvanized steel pipe, fastener, metal support of shooting game (gun, canon and ballblaster excluded), all stainless steel hardware (bolt, screw, nut, washer).

*1 Year on components made by wood/sponge/PVC,such as: platform,panel and roof,climber,stair,fence and all kinds of obstacle items.

* 1 Year on auxiliary equipment, such as trampoline, safety net, foam tube, clamps and nylon string.

* 6 Months on ball, sponge balls for shooting game, water bed for water trampoline, plastic toys in sand pit, soft sofa, air bed of spider climb tower.

ٻارن خوشيءَ سان هليو وڃ:

*1 Year on electronic and electrical components, such as: air blower, air compressor, motor, gear box, magnetic valve, and buttons.

*1 Year on frame, structure, padding, and soft wrapping material.

Ball blaster:

*1 Year on electric parts and pneumatic parts.

*1 Year on steel parts and metal hardware including: barrel, mount, post, seat, and mounting hardware.

2.Application Scope

1) Within 1 year from the date of اندروني راند جي ميدان جو سامان installed, if any problem due to material or workmanship, RISEN will provide free and necessary after-sale services.

2) Take unloading and installation under RISEN instruction.

3) Take appropriate maintenance and inspection according to RISEN instruction.

3.Exception Clause

1) Human damage, such as intentional destruction and improper use.

2) Normal appearance damage, such as normal wear and tear, fading,slight bending caused by wood properties.The maintenance of normal damage should be fixed by customer. Such as replacing safety net, fixing fastener etc., RISEN will provide technical guidance throughout the entire process.

3) Installation without following RISEN installation guidance or adjustment of product structure without permission.

4) Transfer of products to third parties.

5) Damage caused by environmental factors, such as salt water, salt spray, wind-blown sand or industrial sources.

6) Damage caused by force majeure, such as earthquakes, floods, storms, hail, lightning, tornadoes, sandstorms, etc.,

4.After-sale Service

RISEN will provide additional accessories free of charge during loading for any future needs, such as safety net, foam tube, fastener etc.No matter what problem is, we are here to face and solve it timely to ensure you have nothing to worry about.

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